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The advantages of choosing the OEM with lithium battery UN38.3 certification capabilities

By: Atemitech

Whether it is an electric vehicle or a 3C product, batteries are indispensable, but incidents of batteries burning and exploding are often heard, which are of great concern to users; hence, designers have to uphold the principle of “Safety First” and insist on using the certified technologies, in order to pass all laws and regulations or certification standards of all countries. Choosing a manufacturer with both battery production and certification capabilities at this time can achieve the benefits of doubling the effect and halving the effort. In addition to ensuring on-time shipments, it can also reduce the cost of delayed shipments for businesses.

Application process for battery export transportation


In the entire battery export transportation process, UN38.3 requires a longer certification time, and the probability of delay during this time period is also the highest. UN38.3 refers the “UN Manual of Tests and Criteria – Transport of Dangerous Goods,” Part III, Subsection 38.3, specially established by the United Nations for the transportation of dangerous goods. Most transportation agencies around the world require lithium battery transportation to pass UN38.3 safety tests to ensure the lithium batteries do not have any liquid leakage, gas leakage, disintegration, rupture, fire, etc., under any circumstances, which may cause danger to air transportation.


UN38.3 Certification Items and Time


Therefore, the shipment process can be accurately controlled, the waiting and certification of documentation transferring back and forth can be greatly reduced and the costs of operation process, manpower and time can be saved if it is processed through a one-stop service manufacturer with battery production, certification capabilities and delivery of the “Certification for Safe Transport of Goods.” Furthermore, if the battery needs to be transported to the European Union, it will have to undergo IEC 62133 testing. Of course, other countries have different regulations; in the face of such complex laws and regulations, looking for partners and giving priority to provide customers with a complete process in the shortest possible time to ensure that customer product designs meet requirements and pass tests ensure that they can obtain the certification in time, and ensure that mass-produced products meet customer needs, which can save costs and shorten product timelines, helping customers to market products faster.

Atemitech Corporation is one of the few power product OEM with lithium battery UN38.3 certification capabilities. For more information, please contact sales1@atemitech.com.


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